Stratosphere Hotel doubles conversion rate after switching to Travel Tripper

Stratosphere Hotel case study

Stratosphere Hotel is a 3-star property situated on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. It has over 2,400 rooms, a large casino, and an award-winning rotating restaurant offering a 360-degree view of the city. Like many hotels located on the Strip, Stratosphere operates a year-round high-volume hotel in a highly competitive market.

In response to their underperforming website and an over-reliance on online travel agencies (OTAs) for bookings, Stratosphere worked with consultant Scott Yankton and Travel Tripper to rethink their entire online direct distribution system. Specifically, the hotel wanted to improve its booking engine and make it easier for guests to book directly on their website.

Travel Tripper installed a booking engine for Stratosphere’s website that allows guests to book rooms easier and faster than on their previous website. The new booking engine also integrates specific features, many of them also employed by OTAs, in order to optimize conversions and increase bookings.

Your RezTrip booking engine was a critical component in recapturing a significant portion of those bookings lost to OTAs on our last project. Awesome tool set!
—Scott Yankton, strategic consultant


Since switching over to Travel Tripper, the Stratosphere Hotel has seen measurable improvements to their direct booking business. Within weeks of launching RezTrip, the website started receiving higher quality traffic, leading to a 2x increase in conversion rates, 24% increase in direct website revenue, and 20% increase in direct bookings.

Read the full Stratosphere case study here.

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