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ROW NYC achieves 28:1 ROAS on Google AdWords using Real Time Ads

ROW NYC case study

In 2016, Row NYC, a 3-star boutique property in Times Square, began to see some interesting analytics from their Google AdWords campaigns: a steadily increasing click-through rate, but a dropping conversion rate. This dichotomy implied that a lot of leads didn’t have enough information about availability or price before reaching the hotel website.

It seemed people couldn’t afford the rates, or the deal or room that they had originally wanted was no longer available. For the property, this meant they were wasting money on clicks for a percentage of people who were never going to book, which was significantly impacting their ROI.

Naturally, this issue is far from exclusive to Row NYC. It’s an issue that affects all hotels that run search marketing campaigns. By having to rely on traditional static ads, hotels are unable to include the kind of up-to-date content that can influence booking decisions.

To help overcome this challenge, Travel Tripper devised an industry-first solution called Real-Time Ads for the property to increase conversion rates, reduce their cost per acquisition, and decrease the number of interactions between initial click and booking.

With real-time ads, we see a leap in returns and a reduction in wasted spend.
—Kunal Patel, Director of Revenue Management, ROW NYC


With Real-Time Ads by Travel Tripper, ROW NYC achieved 28:1 ROAS (return on ad spend), which was a 95% increase compared to traditional static campaigns. Conversion rates for the ads also increased by 68%, resulting in significant growth of ROW NYCs direct bookings versus commission-based OTAs.

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