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Pegasus Virtual Coffee Chats

The coronavirus outbreak has been nothing short of catastrophic to the hotel industry. Global travel and public health restrictions have pushed occupancy rates to historic lows. Many hotels have been forced to temporarily close and layoff employees.

We know that the travel industry is a resilient one and will eventually bounce back, but we also understand that future predictions don’t alleviate the stress of what’s happening right now, as the crisis unfolds in real time. Sometimes the best way to get clarity to speak to others who are in the same boat.

To bring us all together despite mandated social distancing, Pegasus is going to host a weekly virtual coffee chat for hoteliers and other industry peers. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and join us on a video conference call to share industry news and stories, swap ideas, and generally support one another during this time.

Pegasus will also have revenue, marketing, and sales experts at each meetup, for any hoteliers that want to pick our brains about best practices and recovery strategies.

These one-hour coffee chats will be held twice a day every Wednesday starting April, with each session limited to 10 participants so that everyone has a chance to speak. (We may adjust this if we feel we can comfortably accommodate additional people.)

Each week we will post our weekly suggested discussion topics here on this page, but please feel free to let us know what you want to talk about! We will publish recaps of all sessions on our Resources page.


Time: 11:00am Eastern / 8:00am Pacific
Special Guest: Alex Shashou, Co-Founder and President, Alice Platform

Discussion topics

  • What will the guest experience look like in a post-Covid world?
  • Adding value to your hotel offering through your health and safety policies
  • How to still provide a personal “high-touch” experience without the physical contact
  • How to inform and train staff on new processes

How to join our virtual cafe

If you’re interested in joining this session or any future session, email your account manager or Nancy Huang (nancy.huang@pegs.com) for a signup link. Due to the limited spaces, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. If there is enough interest, we may add additional sessions, so subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest!