A New York hotel successfully doubles conversion rate with Conversion Plus

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If you want to engage and convert digitally-savvy travelers, then a one-size-fits-all static website no longer works.

Empowered by tech companies such as Google, Netflix, and Amazon, today’s consumers expect a great user experience, instant gratification, and personalized services wherever they go.

In order to win their attention and business, your website needs to be dynamic and personalized, serving content tailored to their needs and behaviors in different stages of their booking journey. With Conversion Plus, you can easily transform your website into a conversion-driven platform.

The Art of Converting Lookers to Bookers

Conversion Plus launches into action the moment a visitor arrives on your website.

On top of your website, a banner prominently displays the live rates and booking data from Pegasus CRS to immediately capture the visitor’s attention. To encourage visitors to book direct, the banner uses our Rate Match technology to conduct real-time price comparison with OTA rates, then automatically adjusts your hotel’s published rates to match or beat that price.

By analyzing your visitor’s history, behavior, device, and geography, Conversion Plus will dynamically tailor the marketing messages. For example, if it detects your visitors are idle on the website, Conversion Plus will serve them a special discount or flash sale that propel them to book soon.

Even if your visitors leave the site without booking, this smart technology remembers their activities so that returned visitors will be greeted with enticing offers based on their prior site searches and search engine activities.

Superior Increases on Conversion Rate

Unlike other direct booking tools that are based only on website data, Conversion Plus taps into live rates and user profiles from your CRS to deliver more impactful messages to guests.

Hotels that leverage Conversion Plus see stronger performance compared to having no tool in place, or compared to using a competitor product.

As a case in point, we recently conducted an A/B test comparing the performance of Conversion Plus with a leading conversion tool competitor. In partnership with a New York hotel, we deployed the two tools on the hotel’s website and tested it with two groups of visitors.

In group one, visitors were shown the competitor tool. In group two, visitors were shown Conversion Plus with features such as tonight’s rate and Best Rate Guaranteed from Rate Match. In addition, we compared the results from both groups to the hotel’s baseline performance before implementing either solution.

Conversion Plus Case Study

As shown in the chart above, Conversion Plus delivered impressive results in conversion rate, outperforming the leading conversion tool by 44% with a 114% YOY increase on the hotel’s baseline conversion rate.


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