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Travel Tripper publishes new Google eye-tracking study specific to hotel industry

Park Lane hotel heat map closeup

(NEW YORK) — Travel Tripper released on Monday the results of a groundbreaking eye-tracking study on Google search results pages for the hotel industry. Testing specifically for brand name hotel searches on Google, the study data showed an increased user focus on Google ad products, as well as a decrease in visibility of organic search results.

Other significant findings in the study:

-Changes in the way hotel name searches are displayed in Google have significantly influenced what users see and click on
-The majority of users clicked on Google Ad products over organic results
-A significant percentage of users do not realize that Google search ads or metasearch links are paid advertising
-The overwhelming majority of clicks go to the first or second listing on the page

Travel Tripper’s in-house digital marketing agency worked with the new biometric platform Sticky (sticky.ai) to conduct the eye-tracking study and survey.

“The results illustrate the importance of paid search on Google,” said Tristan Heaword, Director of Digital Marketing at Travel Tripper. “With the majority of views and clicks going to Google ad products, hotel marketers not seriously investing in paid search are likely losing valuable traffic and bookings to OTAs who are bidding on the hotel’s own name.”

To view the results of the eye-tracking study, visit Travel Tripper’s website. Additional findings will be discussed in a March 22 digital marketing webinar featuring Heaword, as well as panelists from Google, Voyat, and Highgate Hotels.

About Travel Tripper

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