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One powerful tool for parity intelligence and price matching

Never be out of parity with the OTAs again. Rate Match is a patent-pending technology that dramatically increases booking engine conversion rates. Our innovative tool not only notifies you when it finds a lower price elsewhere, it can also match the price and make the lower rate instantly bookable on your website.

  1. Rate Match™ launches into action the moment a guest shops your booking engine for rates.

    Our price checker first checks the major OTA sites to compare rates your hotel website’s rates.

  2. If a lower price is found on another site, our rate matching tool automatically adjusts your published rates to match or beat that price (based on configurable settings).

    The guest never sees that you’re out of parity and can confidently book the lowest rate directly through your site.

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increase in conversion rate

see how we did it

U Hotels quadrupled its conversion rate and enhanced user engagement after deploying Rate Match™ on its website.

Works with any major booking engine

Rate Match™ works with any major booking engine with a few simple lines of code. Contact our sales team to learn more.

The support & responsiveness from the team is great. The focus on improving direct revenues with new features allows us to keep common efforts easily aligned.

- Independent Hotel Marketing Manager on Hotel Tech Report

Parity Intelligence: Gain valuable intelligence on OTAs

Rate Match’s Parity Intelligence dashboard gives you comprehensive insights from real-time price checks. Unlike other parity reporting solutions, Parity Intelligence doesn’t rely on periodically shopping pre-canned booking windows, it gathers data on every availability search on your booking engine. This means that Parity Intelligence data is far more accurate than competitive solutions, because it has data from actual searches, booking windows and geographies of your guests providing you with insights on:

  • Rate parity performance
  • Top out-of-parity OTAs
  • Bookings and revenue generated
  • Conversion rates

Price Compare & Price Match: Raise conversion rates, build trust

Rate Match eliminates the flaw in traditional price-checking tools: what happens when rates are found to be lower on the OTAs.

Other tools will simply not display the lower prices, or will present travelers with a pre-canned discount, often in the range of 15-20%. Rate Match automatically adjusts the Best Available Rate to match any lower rate it finds without relying on major discounts. Many price matches are within 1-3%, enough to capture the booking with the minimum possible impact on your average booking value.

Entice guests to book direct

Offer additional discounts to guarantee to the lowest price

Set rate match offers terms and conditions

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Personalized Messaging: Move more business direct

Make your website even more effective with personalized messages that incorporate Rate Match technology. Unlike competitive solutions that rely on intrusive popups that block the page, Rate Match Personalization runs in an embedded banner that is customized to run directly in your website and booking engine. Customize your banners with automatic price compare, price match, booking volume, special offers, and more.

  • Drive Direct Bookings

    Convince visitors to book direct by showing the best possible rate compared to the OTAs.

  • Create Urgency

    Show popularity and scarcity by displaying current booking volume or number of rooms left.

  • Capture Return Visitors

    Urge returning visitors to resume the booking by displaying best rate from previous search results.

  • Incentivize Loyalty

    Create banners associated with special offers created from your e-mail/ CRM or ad campaigns.

Dominate from search to stay with Pegasus E-commerce

Power up your direct booking strategy with the industry’s most innovative website and digital marketing solutions. Our solutions work seamlessly to generate demand, optimize conversions, and maximize direct revenue.

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