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Deliver a fully accessible booking and browsing experience for users with disabilities

As it stands today, WCAG AA-Level ADA Compliance is required for hotel websites. Hotels are being inundated with letters and lawsuits and non-compliance is a major risk.

The approach to website compliance must be both proactive and empathetic. Proactive compliance will decrease the number of violations as requirements evolve. An empathetic approach will ensure that users have an equal level of access to content related to the accessible features of your hotel.

All users of your hotel’s website need to have the ability to browse and book using assistive tools. In order for those tools to work correctly, your website must have specific elements in both the back-end code base and front-end styling and design.

Partnering with a website vendor and ADA compliance auditor is the best way for hotels to achieve and maintain compliance. At Pegasus, ADA compliance is not an option, it’s standard—all websites are built to WCAG-AA standards. We also provide audits and monitoring services to all hotels.

Why work with Pegasus

Ongoing Audits

Utilize our ADA Compliance Platform to audit, achieve, and maintain WCAG AA-Level Standards.

Coding & Development

Our developers are available to provide best practices, documentation, and hands-on coding to achieve technical compliance.

Content Rewrites

Our copywriters are experts in how property and room-level accessibility features must be structured on your website.

Order a comprehensive ADA Compliance audit today.

A proper audit consists of multiple automated scans, manual testing using accessibility tools, and testing across multiple desktop and mobile browsers. These actions ensure that all guests can navigate your website and complete a booking.

Pegasus relies on industry-leading and defined tools to test and improve compliance, such as Lighthouse, and delivers a comprehensive HTML-based audit that you can deliver to your hotel website development team for remediation.

Pegasus is trusted by hundreds of hotels to audit, achieve, and maintain ADA Compliance

Contact our team of website compliant experts today to schedule an initial audit, setup ongoing audits, or rewrite your accessibility-related content.


Technical ADA Compliance Scans

  • Full Lighthouse scan and report
  • Elements in violation and how to fix them
  • Alt and meta tags
  • Descriptions and structure
  • Color contrast
  • Zoom behaviors

Manual Audit Processes

  • Multi-browser testing
  • Multi-device testing
  • Property-level accessibility descriptions
  • Accessibility page review
  • Room type descriptions and features

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