Monitor, Analyze, Plan, Act — Access powerful revenue insights at your fingertips

Pegasus Distribution Analytics combines data from the CRS, PMS*, Google Analytics, and other key sources to offer a multi-dimensional view of your hotel’s revenue and reservations performance, including historic, pace, and future bookings. Discover trends within stunning interactive visualizations, and collaborate and share insights so that you can act quickly on your findings.

  • Multi-layered data discovery
  • Flexible integrations to multiple data sources
  • Rich interactive visualizations
  • Easy multi-property & chain management
  • Maps and location intelligence
  • Collaborative tools that work across all devices

*A two-way PMS connection to the CRS is required


Uncover hidden trends with multi-layered, 
multi-dimensional visualizations


Our powerful intelligence platform allows you to aggregate, analyze, and dissect data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Rich visualizations deliver critical insight in seconds, identifying areas of need. Flexible and interactive charts, graphs, and maps allow you to explore further to uncover trends that could help you optimize channel performance and act on crucial business metrics.

Data Dashboards:

  • GM Summary
  • Pick-up Analysis
  • Historic Performance
  • Future Bookings
  • Hotel Performance
  • Distribution Channel
  • Booking Engine
  • Clickstream
  • Rate Plan / Segment
  • Room Type / Enhancer
  • Feeder Markets
  • Travel Agent
  • Consortia

Easy multi-property and chain-wide management

Whether you want to drill down into one property or look holistically at chain-wide performance, Pegasus Distribution Analytics offers flexible and easy data management for chains, brands and management companies.

  • Segment data by hotel markets and property types
  • Drill, filter, brush, zoom, and export data for easy reporting
  • Annotate and markup data for easy team collaboration
  • Integrate multiple data sources into a single dashboard

Integrate all your hotel’s key data sources

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms, endless spreadsheets, and cross-referencing data. Distribution Analytics combines all your key data points into one singular dashboard. Don’t see an integration you need? Contact our team for more information.

Pegasus Distribution Analytics
*A two-way PMS connection to the CRS is required

Connect the dots in a new way with location intelligence

Map visualizations maximize the ability to understand data easily from a location and market perspective. Pegasus Distribution Analytics allows users to explore all data through location intelligence, enabling hotels to better recognize the most important markets driving demand.



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Dalata Hotel Group, the largest hotel operator in Ireland, uses Pegasus Analytics to apply a more strategic approach to their distribution strategy.

We have been using Pegasus Analytics for over a year and find it a great help to understand the key drivers influencing demand and revenue. It has helped our sales team in understanding the booking pattern of key clients, helping us in our 2019 rate and negotiation strategy.

PAUL O'CONNELL, Sales & Marketing Manager, Clayton Hotel Cork City

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