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Smart insights shift how hotels track and optimize business performance

It’s time to say goodbye to old-fashioned hotel reports that require time-intensive digging, brain power, and cross-team collaboration to gain access to your performance data. There’s a better way, and it’s right at your fingertips.

Pegasus AI Analytics is the industry-leading platform that combines data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver critical transformational business insights at the speed of thought. Simply ask questions of your data to get immediate answers, receive automated insights, and conduct exploratory analysis using AI-assisted intelligence capabilities.

  • Search for insights
    Search for insights
  • AI Assistance
    AI Assistance
  • Integrations
    Custom integrations with multiple third-party data sources
  • Interactive and customizable visualizations
  • Multi-layered data discovery
  • Easy multi-property & chain management

* Select property management systems (PMS) are supported; additional development work may be required.

Search for insights

Ask questions in common language* and receive fast, AI-generated responses through a powerful, interactive interface. Results are returned in real-time, enabling users to gain immediate access to insight at the speed of thought.

* English language is currently supported

Analytics screens
Close up shot of person holding a tablet
Dist analytics anomaly detection

AI assistance

It’s no longer necessary to slice and dice data to gain a deep understanding of your data. AI assistance automatically highlights and explains anomalies and key business drivers in real-time.


See which factors drive a business metric and contrast the relevance importance to understand the key drivers impacting performance. E.g. easily uncover which OTAs are undercutting your rate and identify the nuances impacting rate parity.

Anomaly detection

Get immediate visibility and insights on unexpected data patterns that may require attention. E.g. if a data chart shows a fall in revenue at a certain time, simply point, click, and drill down to receive an AI-assisted explanation.

Data discovery without boundaries

Traditional, static reports that require hoteliers to manually connect the dots are a thing of the past. With Pegasus AI Analytics you can drill anywhere in your data to understand key influencers, find business opportunities, and identify risk through an open, exploratory interface. Within each visualization, ask questions of your data with on-screen interactions or use AI assistance to display auto-generated explanations of key contributors impacting performance.

laptop showing data explorer

Easy multi-property and chain-wide management

Whether you want to drill down into one property or look holistically at chain-wide performance, Pegasus AI Analytics offers flexible and easy data management for chains, brands and management companies.

  • Receive AI-generated insights across the portfolio
  • Segment data by hotel markets and property types
  • Drill, filter, brush, zoom, and export data for easy reporting
  • Integrate multiple data sources into a single report
Person typing on laptop analytics summary

Uncover hidden trends with interactive 
and customizable visualizations

Intelligence dist analyt displays

Our powerful intelligence platform allows you to aggregate, analyze, and dissect data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Rich visualizations deliver critical insight in seconds, identifying areas of need. Flexible and interactive charts, graphs, and maps allow you to explore further to uncover trends that could help you optimize channel performance and act on crucial business metrics.

Integrate all your hotel’s key data sources

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms, endless spreadsheets, and cross-referencing data. Pegasus Analytics combines all your key data points from multiple platforms into one singular report to provide 360 degree visibility and insights across all distribution channels. See a full list of our integration partners here. Don’t see an integration you need? Contact our team for more information.

Pegasus Ai Analytics table


hotels in group

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Dalata Hotel Group, the largest hotel operator in Ireland, uses Pegasus Analytics to apply a more strategic approach to their distribution strategy.

We have been using Pegasus Analytics for over a year and find it a great help to understand the key drivers influencing demand and revenue. It has helped our sales team in understanding the booking pattern of key clients, helping us in our 2019 rate and negotiation strategy.

PAUL O'CONNELL, Sales & Marketing Manager, Clayton Hotel Cork City