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Bridge the data gap with a tailored 
BI solution

Today’s hoteliers have access to more data than ever before. But pulling together spreadsheets and consolidating data and insights from multiple sources takes several days and does not produce the holistic insights that help hotels make informed business decisions. Through proprietary data sets and connections to third-party sources, Pegasus Data Intelligence Services provides AI-driven custom business intelligence solutions for hotel brands, chains, and sophisticated independent properties.

  • Best-in-class AI Analytics that sits on top of your hotel data
  • Complete visibility into key performance metrics across all your data sources*
  • Fully tailored BI solutions and reports to accelerate decision making and optimize performance
  • Development and management of database and reporting infrastructure
  • Chain, group, and property-level reporting available

* Select integrations are supported; additional development work may be required.

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Data Consulting: Your data + AI analytics = powerful insights

The myriad data collected by today’s savvy hotel brands cannot inform business decisions without the infrastructure to manage and deliver 360 degree insights. The Pegasus Intelligence team solves that problem and saves hotels significant investment dollars by managing all aspects of data delivery. We utilize our domain expertise, leading AI analytics, and our ability to ingest data from multiple third-party sources to deliver highly custom hotel reporting and insights.

With Pegasus Intelligence Services, hotels receive complete visibility into key performance metrics across all data sources, reducing data silos and improving accuracy and data-driven decision making. We help you to break down the business problem, identify and consolidate your key data sources, and pull it all together to give you a clear view of your hotel, group or chain performance.

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Access powerful insights through our AI Analytics platform

Gain transformational business insights at the speed of thought with the Pegasus AI Analytics platform. Our industry-leading platform combines data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver critical transformational business insights. Simply ask questions of your data to get immediate answers, receive automated insights, and conduct exploratory analysis using AI-assisted intelligence capabilities.

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All your hotel’s key data sources at your fingertips

Pegasus Data Intelligence Services allows hotels to eliminate the need for multiple platforms, endless spreadsheets, and cross-referencing data. Pegasus Analytics combines all your key data points from multiple platforms to provide 360 degree visibility and insights across all distribution channels.

* Select property management systems (PMS) are supported; additional development work may be required.

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Dalata Hotel Group, the largest hotel operator in Ireland, uses Pegasus Analytics to apply a more strategic approach to their distribution strategy.

Pegs Analytics has been a dream to work with. It has helped to establish the accounts and their true worth to my property, in terms of the Average Length of Stay, together with the Day of Week arrival. It’s a tool that I am still referring to on a daily basis to support client review meetings.

DEBORAH BARNES - Director of Sales & Marketing, Clayton Hotel Chiswick

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