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The coolest in-room technology in hotels around the world

Forget high speed Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. The world’s most advanced hotels are getting seriously creative with their in-room technology. Integrated entertainment centers, tablet-controlled lighting systems, motion sensors that control heating levels—there’s a whole new wave of advanced features making their way into the world’s most modern hotel rooms. Here are five hotels from around the globe that offer guests the ultimate high-tech stay.

Hotel 1000 — Seattle, USA


To ensure snoozing guests aren’t disturbed, every room at Hotel 1000 in Seattle is fitted with heat-detecting sensors. An electronic doorbell silently scans the space and relays information to a door panel that tells housekeeping if the room is occupied. While the sensors can be turned off, guests can still let staff know when they don’t want to be disturbed thanks to a “Do Not Disturb” button.

Additional features include an intelligent mini-bar that notifies staff when stock levels need replenishing, a 40” HDTV and in-room VOIP phones that display local dining options and flight information.

Henn-na Hotel — Sasebo, Japan


While chains such as Starwood have implemented keyless entry via smartphone apps, Henn-na Hotel has gone one step further: they allow guests to access their rooms using facial recognition software.

Guests can also control light settings using a tablet device, while motion sensors automatically switch off the lights when the room is vacant. Meanwhile, a positively sci-fi sounding heating/cooling system uses electromagnetic waves to either restrict or encourage a person’s body heat based on the ambient temperature of the room. Oh, and did we mention the hotel is staffed by robots?

Eccleston Square Hotel — London, England


Housed within an historic 19th-century Georgian building, the in-room features of this luxury boutique hotel in London are decidedly 21st century.

Standout “tech-treats” include bathroom mirrors that conceal flat screen TVs, fully adjustable massage beds, and Smartglass shower walls that magically morph from frosted to transparent with the single press of a button.

As well as being able to remotely control the lights and music player via touch sensitive keypads, guests also receive a personal iPad that enables them to make various requests, from ordering room service to booking hotel beauty treatments.

NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding — Madrid, Spain


At the cutting-edge of hotel innovation, NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding has created 4 state-of-the-art Living Lab rooms, tucked away on the hotel’s 12th floor. These ever-evolving spaces are constantly updated with the latest technological advancements.

So what kind of features can tech lovers expect to find? Living Lab’s High Tech rooms currently come with bedside tables that wirelessly charge smartphones, and tablet devices that allow guests to speak face-to-face with reception staff. Experimental additions on the horizon include an intelligent luggage rack that features in-built scales so guests can check they haven’t overpacked for their fight.

Yotel — New York, USA


At Yotel in New York, the list of high-tech room features is extensive. Air conditioning units are activated by motion detectors, multimedia content can be streamed on impressive “techno walls,” while VIP View Suites come with rotating king beds that turn to face the 180-degree views of the New York City skyline.

But before guests even reach their room they encounter YOBOT, the hotel’s luggage-storing robot. Acting as an automated concierge, YOBOT loads suitcases into hotel lockers, so anyone who arrives before check-in can hand over their bags and head out for some luggage-free sightseeing.

Steffan Berelowitz

Steffan Berelowitz

Steffan is the SVP Enterprise E-commerce. A pioneer in all things web and mobile, Steffan has spent more than 20 years in online services and technology. He loves traveling, the planet Earth, and his amazing wife and sons. Contact him at steffan@pegs.com.

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    1. Good point, Jules! CitizenM definitely has some noteworthy high-tech features, as do several other hotels in the world. We didn’t have room to highlight every high-tech hotel, so we focused on the quirkier/offbeat tech that isn’t as common as a tablet-controlled room (which a lot of people are familiar with because of smart house technology).

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