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Hotel Remarketing

Travel Tripper’s full-service hotel remarketing solutions addresses any drop-offs throughout the sales funnel through email retargeting, site retargeting, and search retargeting services. Our hotel digital marketing team will guide and manage hotel remarketing campaigns to help you maximize your advertising dollars.

What is hotel remarketing?

Remarketing takes advantage of today’s web technology to allow you to target email or ad campaigns to reach people who have previously visited your site or expressed interest in your products or services.

In the hotel industry, this is particularly useful in reconnecting with guests who may have started the reservations or booking process, but did not complete it. Using strategic remarketing, we can send a tailored message to these guests to encourage them to return to the site and make the booking.

What are the different methods of hotel remarketing?

Email retargeting supplements your email marketing campaigns by targeting consumers who have opened your email. Using a simple code inserted into your email, a subscriber who opens your email will then see display ads for your hotel throughout the web. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to put your hotel in front of email subscribers without bombarding them with more emails.

Site retargeting allows you to target display ads to consumers who have already visited your site. You can tailor the ads based on the content that they viewed to show more relevant ads. You can also track whether or not a consumer has made a booking, in order to either leave those customers out of display campaigns or give them the extra nudge they need to make the reservation.

Search retargeting targets display ads to certain consumers based on the keywords they are searching for on Google or another search engine. For example, you can choose to tailor and display your ad to a person searching for “new york hotels” or “new york weekend trip.” At Travel Tripper, our hotel digital marketing team helps you to decide the best keywords to target, as well as manage the keyword bidding process so that your hotel is getting the best value for its advertising dollars.

Joan Evelyn Lee

Joan Evelyn Lee

Joan is VP of Operations at Pegasus, helping hotels worldwide efficiently manage their distribution channels and maximize direct bookings. She loves cooking, traveling, and all things New Orleans. Contact her at joan@pegs.com.

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