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Geographic Pricing in its RezTrip CRS

Travel Tripper announced today the release of a powerful new geographic pricing capability for hotels using its RezTrip CRS. Hotels will now be able to offer different prices in various geographies with a high degree of granularity. Combined with RezTrip’s Dynamic Pricing Module, Travel Tripper provides unprecedented pricing power to hotels.

Hotels can define geographic segments by continent, country, state and city with the ability to define exceptions at every level. For example a hotel in New York City can extend a special offer to people booking from California and Europe but prevent the offer from being seen or booked from San Francisco, France and Germany. This will, for example, allow hotels to attract valuable new business from specific markets without diluting average daily rates from the rest of the world.

The RezTrip CRS allows hotels to offer the same rate plan at different prices in different regions around the world, using “include” or “exclude” conditions. The Best Available Rate or any collection of rate plans and room types can be priced lower or higher for guests booking from within a 50-mile radius of the hotel, in order to attract valuable drive-in business. If needed the hotel can further limit the visibility of this offer from noon to midnight time only to people booking from their mobile phones on weekdays, for same day check-ins and staying up to 2 nights.

“Travel Tripper’s hotels partners now have unprecedented pricing power which can be used strategically in a highly competitive industry,” says Gautam Lulla, Chief Operating Officer of Travel Tripper. “Neighboring competitor hotels can’t see how a hotel using RezTrip is priced in different markets globally. Moreover RezTrip can also be setup to return any price it decides to the rate shopping robots used so commonly in our industry. Geographic also pricing allows hotels to rethink what ‘rate parity’ really should mean.”

With the introduction of geographic pricing to the industry, Travel Tripper continues its streak delivering innovative reservations and distribution capabilities to the hotel industry.

Gautam Lulla

Gautam Lulla

Gautam is CEO of Pegasus and an outspoken expert in hotel technology and distribution. When he's not busy disrupting the status quo, you can find him ripping powder on the slopes. Contact him at gautam@pegs.com.

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