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10 conversion optimization takeaways from a Disney World vacation landing page

In our recent podcast and blog article on creating winning PPC campaigns, we discussed at length about the importance of good landing pages and the key elements within that help increase conversion rates. We’d like to show you what that actually means in terms of a real travel marketing campaign.

Below you’ll find a landing page for a PPC ad on Disney World vacation packages. Each number corresponds with an important conversion optimization takeaway, which are all listed below the graphic.


1) First, there is a message match. I searched for Disney World deals, was shown a PPC ad that mentioned deals from $199, and when I clicked through the message confirmed I was in the right place.

Second, it tells me what I get (2 Disney Tickets & Hotel).

Finally, its unique selling proposition is the deal itself, which is fitting because I am in search of a deal. It tells me that I can get up to 50% (Yay!).

2) This is an example of a hero image. When we think Disney, this castle immediately comes to mind. If I was having doubts about wanting to go to Disney, this visual helps to put those doubts to rest. This image would be even better if it included people. But, as you’ll see further down the page, they include plenty of smiling faces.

3) This box is loaded with value and urgency. It doesn’t say, “Call when it’s convenient for you,” but rather, “Call now.” And it gives me a reason to call now—this is special Disney World vacation pricing, it’s the lowest price online, and prices change every hour… so I’d better “Call Now!”

4) They make a point of emphasizing what we call a “deal sweetener.” If I was on the fence about acting on this deal, this deal sweetener is meant to push me over the edge and book.

5) Typically landing pages shouldn’t offer too many choices. But this is excusable if they’ve done A/B testing for their travel packages and learned that advertising deals starting from $199 gets people to click the ad, but when they see that they can stay for two extra days for just $100 more, they upgrade.

6) Hero images right inside the pricing table—nice! If the person is reading the pricing table, they are considering your offer. Use the deal sweeteners, hero images, and whatever else you have at your disposal to encourage action. They look to be having more fun as you move from the least expensive option to the most expensive option… wonder if that’s intentional? 😉

7) This is the close. They tell you about the free stuff you’re getting. They break down how much you’re saving by displaying the value of the package, and the % and $ amount that you’re saving. They throw in a new deal sweetener by mentioning that your Disney Tickets are FastPass+ enabled. (That means no lines. I would have explicitly stated that.)

8) Very human and fun language. Kind of corny if the copywriter came up with this while in the shower. A great example of message mining if a customer actually said this when describing their experience booking with Orlando Park Deals.

9) This is an excellent testimonial. It has a candid image—he’s probably enjoying Disney in this photo. It includes his name (would be even stronger if it had full last name) and his location; this makes the testimonial legitimate. His testimonial has authority, is very specific, and reaffirms the messages on this page. He establishes himself as an avid Disney vacationer (authority). He brings up a common objection that is the price of going to Disney (nothing a deal can’t solve). He was specific about the benefit he received by choosing Orlando Park Deals (saved over $100). And he mentions the alternative of paying at the gate, which would have cost more.

10) The page ends with a box loaded with urgency, security, value, and proof. The phrase, “Book Quickly & Securely By Phone,” is telling you to act now and don’t worry about your information being stolen or used for other purposes. The call-to-action gives you a reason to act now (best rates). And, you see little kids having the time of their lives with the castle in the background (unfortunately, this image is a repeat of one found in the pricing table). I would have also made it clear that (855) is toll free.

There you have it—conversion tactics you can apply right now to begin the journey of improving conversion rates on your PPC ads and landing pages. Click here to download a PDF version of Sway Copy’s full landing page graphic and takeaways.

One thought on “10 conversion optimization takeaways from a Disney World vacation landing page

  1. Thanks for this sharp analysis – it puts it all into respective- Will share this with my network

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