Connect to the Largest Collection of Bookable Hotels

Looking for access to bookable hotel rates and inventory? Generate more bookings with seamless, real-time CRS connections.

Using a single connection and interface, UltraDirect® directly links travel agents and distributors to Pegasus' portfolio of more than 86,000 hotel properties. It gives you real-time access to information on retail, negotiated and net rates, availability and reservations from hotels around the world. UltraDirect also provides you with complete control of the user experience on your hotel booking engine, making it easy to integrate with other travel services, like car and air reservations.

The UltraDirect Connection
The UltraDirect transaction interface connects you directly to hotel central reservation systems through the Pegasus Switch. You get real-time access to CRS information and detailed property data and images from Pegasus' Online Distribution Database.

Break Through with UltraDirect

  • Fast, immediate confirmation of booking and cancellation requests

  • Secure access to negotiated rates

  • Easy to modify reservations without a cancellation or rebooking

  • Flexible and customizable, allowing complete control of your Web site's front-end

  • Load your own images and descriptions in English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese

  • Powerful search capabilities by keyword, address or airport code

  • Integrate hotel booking with other services or data sources, such as air and car reservations

  • Access to weekly and monthly transaction reports, letting you track user activity
Impress your clients with multilingual descriptive content and expressive images. Gain an advantage. With Pegasus, you can.