Nearly 70 percent of Internet users don't speak English!*

More than 80 percent of home pages are written in English. Is yours? If so, you may be missing out on a potentially huge market.

Pegasus Translation Services can help you break through to an often overlooked revenue stream --- the millions of non-English speaking customers who want to travel to your region of the globe!

Speak your customers' languages
Never before has it been so easy to instill customer confidence by providing information about your property in your customers' native languages. Pegasus Translation Services provides a low-cost, highly-efficient, hospitality-focused translation service for creating and maintaining property information in multiple languages --- content that is then made available to all Internet booking channels.

Translate your hotel's content into the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

An easy, automated process
When you enter or update hotel descriptions, the process is automatically started to review and translate that content into the number of languages you have subscribed to.
Once the translations have been completed, the translated content is automatically published to the ODD making it available to all online distribution booking channels.

This means no cumbersome additional processes… No added steps… Simply update your content, and Pegasus manages the translation process.

With Pegasus, you get unlimited changes to your content at no extra cost. This means there are no longer any good reasons to delay making updates to your content, because Pegasus Translation Services is a once-a-year cost. So go ahead - make as many updates as you need to. With Pegasus, you can.

Subscribe online today. The process is simple and takes just minutes to subscribe. You can enroll in any number of languages.

Just one to two bookings generated from a non-English speaking travel distribution Web site more than pays for the annual service. That’s an ROI that really translates!

* 2007