Who's updating your online content?

If you're like most hoteliers, the answer is probably "a bunch of people." The fact is, updating and managing images and text is a tedious, manual process that burns through a lot of valuable staff time…for each and every one of your online and GDS distribution channels.

That's why Pegasus Solutions and VFM Leonardo developed ContentHubTM to help you break through today's content nightmare to a simpler, synchronized, more cost effective approach to getting your latest content in front of online travel consumers.

Turn shoppers into buyers
In the online world, content is king. It's the text, images and video that appeal to shoppers and result in bookings. Your ability to manage, update and distribute that content accurately and efficiently is critical to your online success.

Enrich your content with the following modules:
  • Digital e-Books

  • WebGallery

  • Videos and Virtual Tours

  • Content Translations
ContentHub makes it easy
ContentHub is the single gateway to updating and distributing your content in a synchronized manner to all channels, including the global distribution systems (GDSs), major travel Web sites, search engines, tour operators and travel consortia. Update your text and images once, and ContentHub ensures that all channels get the exact same thing.

Gain efficiency and consistency while getting your hotel content out to the huge Pegasus and VFM Leonardo distribution network…all at an unbelievably affordable cost. With Pegasus, you can.